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Shopping – Overview

You need to be logged in to order from the shop. But you can see and read about the products without being logged in.

Select products by adding them to the shopping cart. Then proceed to the checkout, where you can approve your choices and send in the order.

Customer login

You need to be logged in both to order and to see prices in the shop. You can log in from the Shop Front Page, or via the login page. Via the login page, you can also get your username and password via email, in case you have forgotten them.

Finding products

Find the products you are looking for by clicking the right product groups in the leftmost frame.

Selecting products

Select a product by entering a number in the quantity field and clicking the “Buy” button. The product is then added to your “shopping cart”. In the frame at the bottom of the screen you can see the total value of the products you have added, and also the latest added product.

You can select products from the product lists and from the search result list.

Using the shopping cart

Click the “Shopping cart” command to see a list of the products you have selected. You can change the number of a selected product by entering a new number in the quantity field, and then clicking the “Recalculate” button. You can remove a product from the shopping cart by clicking the “Remove” button.

Shopping list

You have access to a personal shopping list via the “Shopping list” command. In the shopping list, add the products that you order on a regular basis. To add a product to the shopping list, find the product and click the “List” button.

Sending an order

When you have finished selecting the products you need, click the “Check-out” link. A list of the products you have selected appears, together with the total order value. If you want to add or remove any product, click the “Shopping cart” command and make your changes before you go to the Check-out to send your order.

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