Our mission

We believe in a sustainable clothing industry, and we want to help people make environmentally conscious decisions. Zlideon is a patented solution that helps you fix all items with a broken zipper. Make sure to always have a Zlideon at home, so that you always can repair your loved belongings.

Zip Clip Solutions offers a globally patented product – Zlideon – that enables our customers to save the life of their broken zippers. With our patented clip-on solution, the old zipper is easy to replace, and the durability of that damaged jacket, purse, or shoe is extended.

Zlideon is made of surface treated zink and is very durable. It is used by the U.K. military and has passed and has passed Samsonites challenging product tests.

The environment

The clothing industry has a significant negative impact on the environment and is often mentioned among the worst environmental polluting industries in the world. Coloring of textiles is considered by some as the second largest water contaminator.

The clothing industry value chain is long and complex and the contamination of natural resources begin already in the cotton field. Cotton cultivation require large amounts of water (about 10,000 liters per kilogram of cotton), accounting for 18% of the global use of pesticides and 25% of the world’s consumed insecticides. Alternative so-called synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are made from petroleum and are less water-intensive than cotton in manufacture, but instead require more resources in the extraction and manufacturing and give rise to extensive emissions. Many synthetic fibers require the use of environmentally harmful toxins in the production and are neither biodegradable, which imposes severe strains on the environment. As society consume increasingly larger volumes of clothes and overall living standards continue arising, the clothing industry is expected to account for 25% of the world’s greenhouse gases by 2050.

We believe in a sustainable future and that we as individuals can make an impact and improve the environment by making environmentally conscious decisions.

70 million

barrels of oil are used every year to produce fabrics made of polyester.

2 700 liters

of water is needed to produce one cotton t-shirt, which is equal to the consumption of drinking water for one person during 2,5 years.

10 000 liters

of water is needed to produce one kilo of cotton, which roughly corresponds to one pair of jeans.

20 %

of industrial water pollution comes from the clothing industry.

200 years

are needed to break down polyester.

80 billion

garments are consumed each year, 400% increase compared to 20 years ago.

5,5 kg

carbon dioxide emissions per t-shirt produced in polyester.

1,2 million tonnes

greenhouse gases created by the clothing industry are emitted every year.

25 %

of the worlds insecticides are used within the clothing industry.

Zlideon is a Swedish invention that stands for sustainability, quality and innovation. The production takes place in the forests of Småland together with our foundry partner. We care about the environment and strive to constantly challenge ourselves and develop the production to ensure it is as resource efficient as possible, without compromising on quality.

The team working with Zlideon have long experience from the consumer goods industry and product development. Our CEO Eva Wilander has international experience from leading positions in “fast moving consumer goods”.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and ambitions for the future characterize the ownership group, which has a broad network among successful Swedish companies. The company’s largest owners and Board of Directors (Mikael Lövgren, Johan Edenström and Carl Palmstierna) are private investors with extensive experience in business development, professional board work and active ownership.

Eva Wilander


Eva has long experience within Sales and Marketing from companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and Candy King. Her latest roles have been in leading positions at Bringwell and Coca-Cola.

Mikael Lövgren

Lövgren & Partners AB

Mikael has worked 20 years at Boston Consulting Group and started the Nordic BCG business. He is Executive Chairman of Bridgepoint Nordic and board member of companies such as SF.

Johan Edenström

Pejoni AB

Johan is CEO and partner of Pejoni AB, a company that owns companies such as Stronghold Invest (Newsec, Niam, Datscha). Main focus is investments in the Real Estate industry as well as innovation focused startups.

Carl Palmstierna

Palmstierna Invest AB

Carl has extensive experience from working in international investment banking for over 30 years being a Goldman Sachs partner. He is an active investor in several industries.

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