ZlideOn helps you fix the zipper!

It is really annoying when you are about to leave home and realize that your jacket, bag or trousers have a broken zipper. With ZlideOn you can repair it directly and be on the move with a repaired zipper in seconds!

We conducted a research in Sweden and found out that one third of the Swedes throw away an item if it gets a broken zipper. That is a shame when it is so easy to repair it. Approximately a quarter who gets a broken zipper change it themselves, normally by removing the old zipper and sew in a new. Normally it is just the slider that needs to be exchanged and that goes so much easier and quicker with a ZlideOn.

ZlideOn is a Swedish patented innovation produced in a small village called Sävsjö. It is made of zinc and steel.

Help the environment

Each time you choose to re-use something with a broken zipper instead of throwing it away and buy something new you help the environment.

If you mend the zipper instead of buying something a new garment in polyester you save at least 5 kg CO2 and the nature do not get a new item it takes 200 years to decompose. When you mend the zipper in your old favorite jeans instead of buying a new pair you save 10 000 liter of water in water scarcity areas.

70 million

barrels of oil are used every year to produce fabrics made of polyester.

2 700 liters

of water is needed to produce one cotton t-shirt, which is equal to the consumption of drinking water for one person during 2,5 years.

10 000 liters

of water is needed to produce one kilo of cotton, which roughly corresponds to one pair of jeans.

20 %

of industrial water pollution comes from the clothing industry.

200 years

are needed to break down polyester.

80 billion

garments are consumed each year, 400% increase compared to 20 years ago.

5,5 kg

carbon dioxide emissions per t-shirt produced in polyester.

1,2 million tonnes

greenhouse gases created by the clothing industry are emitted every year.

25 %

of the worlds insecticides are used within the clothing industry.

Eva Wilander


Eva has long experience within Sales and Marketing from companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and Candy King. Her latest roles have been in leading positions at Bringwell and Coca-Cola.

Mikael Lövgren

Lövgren & Partners AB

Mikael has worked 20 years at Boston Consulting Group and started the Nordic BCG business. He is Executive Chairman of Bridgepoint Nordic and board member of companies such as SF.

Johan Edenström

Pejoni AB

Johan is CEO and partner of Pejoni AB, a company that owns companies such as Stronghold Invest (Newsec, Niam, Datscha). Main focus is investments in the Real Estate industry as well as innovation focused startups.

Carl Palmstierna

Palmstierna Invest AB

Carl has extensive experience from working in international investment banking for over 30 years being a Goldman Sachs partner. He is an active investor in several industries.

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