Sustainable wordrobe in 10min

June 13, 2019


You might recognize the feeling of having a superfluous wardrobe, but still feels like you have nothing to wear? Some of the garments in your wardrobe have probably broken down, been over washed, stained, or you simply got tired of them. What could you do differently looking at your wardrobe from today?

Take 10 minutes to clear out and categorize, the short time will bring the sense of efficiency. Categorize your wardrobe into "Favorites", "Base" and "Do something with". Why? By seeing your favorite garments, you know what you have to work with, and your quick choice in a hurry when it needs to go fast. These favorite garments are often perfect to match with any of your "base" garments. Step one, how you can use your wardrobe differently, is to be able to think differently. Also, be sure to pull up any zippers and buttons to keep shape and hang up your favorites if it’s not heavy sweaters that could stretch.

For your "Base" you want to have some favorites to combine with and vice versa. Often the favorites are kept in shape the longest, which feel is fresh and well cared for and the base is the comfortable and more sustainable on itself. This helps us being smart when the closet grows and you start thinking about new values as to what fabric, material and quality the garment has and what category the garment fits in. Can you combine it with your favorite? Is it a supplement to your base? Will you be able to take care of it? Does it fit better under "fast fashion, fast trend" maybe you should reconsider?

How do you then maintain your sustainable closet? It is important to wash right, rethink your wash can change your feel about garments and have them both look better and live longer. Three key changes are to wash less, wash colder and use less tumble drying to extend the life of garments. Close zippers and flip the jeans inside out. Do you have those jeans in a pile with a cracked seam or broken fly? Learn quick repairs, so that you can repair in your future wardrobe over time. Learning something new will also help getting into the new habits.

What to do with the category "do something with"? REPAIR. FIX. DONATE. Good to have at home is a perch machine. A friend thought, when I was moving, that it was a broken mini vacuum cleaner and threw it away, but a new does not cost much at Clas Ohlson or other e-commerce site. You can also make a color bath, you get the color back easier than you think. Get the color back in your black jeans with a strong coffee bath and get yellow spots disappear in a lemon bath. Good to have at home is a small sewing kit and a multipack of ZlideOn, to be able to save more clothing when it happens on the spot in the future.

If it is possible to repair, repair everything at the same time if it is possible. There are many simple innovative ways to repair clothing today and many retailers have begun to take advantage of this as well, to help you. If you can't repair it go past a H&M with your old clothes , fast fashion or not they take in all types of clothing. Got tired of it? Repair it and book your first bags from Sellpy, they come and collect your old stuff and sell them for you. Repamera, they help you repair what you can't repair yourself, or what you don't have time to repair.

You can do a lot and you do not have to spend a whole day on it, spend 10min in your wardrobe and you will be on the path to create new sustainable habits!

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